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Île-Rousse and its region

A unique, plural, human land, Corsica invites you to shake up your senses.

“An authentic massif which invites the soul to gain height, this land soothes, its diversity surprises, its beauty overwhelms, provokes the heart and reveals it”.
The Le Clos Saint-Paul residence is located in the Balagne region, Haute-Corse region, located on the northwest coast of the island. A region very rich in diversity of landscapes, these rocks imbued with history divinely outlined by the feather of the sea winds, its coasts, magnificently drawn by the tumult of the sea, are contrasted, unusual and wild, they make La Balagne one of the places one of the most touristy places in Corsica.
Between sky and sea, Corsican nature is greatly expressed in Balagne. It seems immortal like the little endemic flower of the same name, testifying that here, the maquis still has its place. The sea and its spray are never far away. It is the subtle harmony between wild green and deep blue that the landscapes of Balagne are made up of.

Due to its tourist tone, the economic situation of the region is prosperous. Offering not only exceptional sites, but also multiple water and land activities.
Constituting a block of three communities of communes, this region brings together a pretty bouquet of small villages, each as different as the next, scattered around the two flagship towns of L'Ile-Rousse and Calvi.
It is in L'Ile-Rousse, an emblematic hamlet of this region that our residence is based.
A unique place, where the sea offers you the whole range of Caribbean blues, contrasting on the left, with the port where the warm colors of the Rousse Islands shelter boats which gently sway, serving as a background to the island of Pietra which is It advances proudly in the water, on the right after a few lazy strokes towards the open sea we can see in the distance the beginning of the Agriates. Let yourself be lulled by the sound of the waves lapping the rocks, that's it, you are in paradise.

Cradle of civilization, founder of the Latin arc, the Mediterranean Sea has given island culture its deep, respectful and humble dimension. Its flavors, its marine traditions and its perfumes come from it…

Strategic location located in the heart of Balagne, in full bloom of small shops, bars and other tourist establishments, with the advantage of sheltering a multitude of small coves, both close to the natural beaches of the famous Agriates desert, you will feel out of place without being cut off from everything.
Combining fine sandy beaches, seaside charm and friendly atmosphere of the Paolina city, which was built in 1765 on the wishes of the father of the country: the famous “Pascal Paoli”, with its authentic streets where we still find the cobblestones of Originally, L'Ile-Rousse is a fabulous destination for a romantic vacation, with family or friends.

Ile Rousse